Saturday, January 1, 2011

Have we forgotten Jesus?

I recently read a passage in the spirit of prophecy, that was, surprisingly, one of the most sobering statements I have read. It wasn't about the end of time, apocalyptic events, or the like. It was about the early life of Jesus, particularly His first passover in Jerusalem. The part that struck me the most, was the part about His parents forgetting Him, and looking for Him for four days. Here is part of the quote I read: "In returning from Jerusalem with the crowd, talking and visiting engrossed their minds, and Jesus was forgotten for an entire day. His absence was not marked until the close of the day." Wow. Does that sound familiar to you? It hit home hard for me, as I feel that this has too often been the case with me. How sad, that we should forget our best Friend, until maybe even the close of the day!
I want to strive to make sure that never happens. How about you?
Pushing for the mark,

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