Sunday, May 1, 2011

You and I: the only answer to our prayers.

I hadn't even been thinking about posting on here, until I was studying this morning, about something that concerns me greatly. You see, it is like this: I am very concerned, that we as a people are not preparing for Christ's soon coming as we should. This worries me greatly, because I don't believe it is far off! Of course, we don't know the day, hour, or even the year, but we can know when it is close. I know in my life I don't take it seriously enough. I sometimes like to say, even if it was twenty years until Christ returned, that isn't very long when you think about it! So, what are we doing? What am I doing? What should we be doing? Here is something I found, that seemed to fit nicely. “Young men and women need more of the grace of Christ, that they may bring the principles of Christianity into the daily life. The preparation for Christ's coming is a preparation made through Christ for the exercise of our highest qualities. It is the privilege of every youth to make of his character a beautiful structure. But there is a positive need of keeping close to Jesus. He is our strength and efficiency and power. We cannot depend on self for one moment. . . .” MYP 47.3

So from this quote, we should:

-By the Grace of Christ, bring the principles of Christianity into daily life;

-Through Christ, exercise our highest qualities;

-Make of our characters a beautiful structure;


-And we must not depend on ourselves for one moment.

I know many of you must feel the sort of anxious burden for our church that I do. But we have to do something about it! I believe one of the biggest things is prayer. We need to pray earnestly for our church, and ourselves. But we can't stop there. We need to strive to help answer our own prayers, in a way that God won't even answer them, namely to choose to follow Him in active service, in whatever capacity that may be in. I believe that we will soon see a great movement of young people working for the Lord, in a mighty way, but that requires you and I choosing that path today! I would love to hear from you if this is your aim as well! May we all prepare ourselves for Christ's soon coming, so that we can please our Lord in this life and the next!

Pushing for the mark,


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