Monday, November 14, 2011

The oil of His Grace...

As I was working today, I ran across a neat object lesson. I was carrying a bucket of oil, that had gotten water in it. You would never know it though, because the oil was on top, like it should be. Now, if you were to shake up and mix that oil and water, you wouldn't see the oil on top anymore. But, it would naturally come to the top again, no matter how well you mixed it, as it still holds its oily properties. OK, enough introductions. I think we could compare that oil and water to Christians in the world. Let's just say that water represents the world, including worldly people. And the oil represents Christ's followers. No matter how much you mix them, the oil can never become water. It is impossible, they will never morph into each other, because they are fundamentally different. You can throw true Christians into the world, mix them in, separate them from each other, and they will always rise to the top. Why do the rise to the top? Could it be because they are light? And if they are light, they must be where they can be seen. 'A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid...' Also, I have noticed that when they rise to the top, oil droplets don't stay droplets. They press together. You never find oil in water, that has a drop over here, and a drop there. It is only natural that they unify. I hope we can all remember this, that, no matter how much we are mixed and separated in the water (“Nations, kindreds, tongues and peoples..”), we will always ask Christ for the oil of His grace in our lives to be our all in all, and that this will always be the case for us. Don't you?
Happy blending!

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