Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bands of workers…

I was in a guitar store today. I needed strings for my new to me guitar, that probably hasn’t seen new strings for many a song. So, I visited the local guitar supercenter, which I sort of dreaded. Yes, it was full of electric guitars and rock music, which I tend to try and avoid, but I couldn’t help but be struck with a thought, that came upon me like a ton of bricks. As I was waiting for someone to help me with getting a set of strings, I couldn’t help but notice pictures on the walls of rock bands, groups that spend most of their life together, with the same purpose, whether they are aware of it or not: serving Satan. They live, breathe, eat and sleep their music. They have one common purpose. Yet, they are serving our enemy. This, to me, seems terribly ironic. Pathetically, sorrowfully ironic. We serve the King of the universe. Even the devil knows he has a short time, and is working with satanic frenzy, to get his evil work done. We have a short time too. What are we doing about it?
“Young men and young women, cannot you form companies, and, as soldiers of Christ, enlist in the work, putting all your tact and skill and talent into the Master's service, that you may save souls from ruin? Let there be companies organized in every church to do this work. . . . Will the young men and young women who really love Jesus organize themselves as workers, not only for those who profess to be Sabbath keepers, but for those who are not of our faith?”--Signs of the Times, May 29, 1893.
Just some thoughts from a guitar shop.

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