Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Creek Or A Swamp?

There are so many things to study about! God is so good. He has given us a boundless amount of things to study, to know Him better, and to help us live lives that glorify Him. As I was thinking this morning about what to study about, I thought I would study about creeks and swamps. 'What?!' You might say. 'What does that have to do with our walk with the Lord?' Everything. Just watch.

“Mark that pool which receives the showers of heaven but has no outlet. It is a blessing to no one, but in stagnant selfishness poisons the air around. Now look at the stream flowing from the mountainside, refreshing the thirsty land through which it passes. What blessing it brings! One would think that in giving so liberally it would exhaust its resources. But not so. It is a part of God's great plan that the stream that gives shall never lack; and day by day and year by year it flows on its way, ever receiving and ever giving.” 'My Life Today', pg. 223. So, shall we be a creek or a swamp? It will not do to only receive blessings from Christ, and hoard them. To learn from Him, daily, and never impart it. If we do this, we might end up looking like this:

Neither will it do to give away all that we have, and never be replenished from on High. That would make a desert. Desert's are kind of neat, but they don't do a whole lot of good for anyone. But, if we are constantly receiving from Christ, and constantly imparting what we receive to others, we will be like a stream. Maybe It will start like a small spring, then a creek, then a river. But we can never exhaust God's boundless ocean of grace! Are we willing? “...freely ye have received, freely give.” Matthew 10:8
Happy new year!


  1. Thanks Schane! I really appreciate what you shared.

    God Bless
    Kelly Meyer

  2. Hey! I hope you guys are doing great! You will have to keep us updated on your missionary adventures! :-)
    God bless!

  3. I pray that this year we all can be streams of life to a dying world Praise the lord Schane for the good write!