Sunday, December 18, 2011

People need the Lord....

Every day they pass me by. Empty people, filled with pain. Headed who knows where. And it is not only in the world, it's in the church. People need the Lord! When will we realize, that we must give our lives? As I look around, as I look at the failures in my own life, I realize that one thing is missing, one link in the chain. It's Christ. Yes, we may claim to have Him. But do we really? When I come to church, and one of my brothers in Christ is just broken up because of a major rift in His family. It just breaks me all up inside to see it. I can hardly bear it. When I see all of the unwise relationships taking place at lightning speed, it breaks my heart. Why? Why all this heartache and confusion? People need the Lord. That's why. People don't need the world, and the things in it. Sorrowfully, this is what I, and many others have been pursuing with all our hearts. Oh, how terrible, what a tragic mistake. When will WE realize, that people need the Lord? That we must give our lives? I tell you what. I realize it. But I can't even give my life for the people that need the Lord. I need Him too. None of us even have the ability to give our lives to Him. He must give us the power to do this too. But, we have to give Him our all. We have to surrender it all to Him, for any good to come of it. Will you join me in this, to surrender, to give our lives for the people that need Him?

We are called!

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