Monday, April 30, 2012


I learned something today. You see, my family and were pruning trees. The place we were working was not exactly virgin forest, but it definitely hadn't been disturbed for a while. That is, until today. And I found something there, that I just must share with you. You see, it's like this. There were all kinds of trees that we pruned. Tall, short, wide and skinny. But many of them had the same ailment. They had tons of branches at the bottom. Wide, thick branches. But they were half dead! Sucking the life out of the tree, preventing it from growing higher, at least as fast as they could have. These branches also somewhat deformed the trees they grew from. And I couldn't help but sense the Holy Spirit speaking to me. You see, those trees are like people. Like me. There are things all around me in the lowlands of my life. And sometimes they get huge. I call these branches the things of this world. And friends, these branches are preventing me from growing higher. Today, we pruned those trees. They will soon grow higher. They soon will point to heaven as their destination.

Oh Lord, please prune me.

I want to grow higher.

Praise God for object lessons.


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