Saturday, June 23, 2012


Suppose you are an ambassador. Let's just say a United states ambassador, for the sake of illustration. And you know, ambassadors are very busy! So you continue in your job, working long hours. One day, someone comes up and asks you which country you are an ambassador of. With embarrassment, you give them a blank look. 'I'm sorry. I don't know' is your response. Yet, you continue in your job, as there is so much to do! The president often tries to call you on the phone, as it is important for him to keep in close contact with all ambassadors. But you never have time to talk to him. You are way too busy doing his work for that! And time passes. One day, there is a huge meeting of ambassadors. They come from far and near, representatives for your country to every other country in the world. And so you go. This is a meeting for the president to bestow high honors on all ambassadors. But when he comes to you, he says, 'Who are you? I never knew you.' You feel the deepest remorse, and the highest sadness, yet you know it's true. You never knew him. All these years, you thought you were working for him. But you were working for yourself instead. OK, seems to be a bit of a ludicrous parallel, but is it really? We're ambassadors, brothers and sisters.

Do we know the King?

Need I say more? I will be the first to admit. Right now, I am a failure in this. I have not been spending sufficient time with my King. By God's grace, I aim, through His strength, to not face the proclamation:

I never knew you.

It's my choice. Today. And yours.

Let's get to know Him. While we can...



  1. That is a very creative illustration. We, claiming to be Christians, are what the world looks at to know what a Christian is like. We represent what Christ is like. What a heavy responsibility rests on us!

  2. Oh yes. What a huge, heavy responsibility rests on us. But at the same time, what a huge privilege! :-) May we all be faithful!