Friday, September 21, 2012

The worth of a soul...

Have you ever wondered what the worth of a soul is?
I have.
How much is one person worth? It depends who you ask. If you were to ask a dictator, he might tell you that one person really has no value. Unless that one person happened to be himself.
Ask the owner of a chain of stores, and they might tell you that one person has some value, although it's thousands of people that have value to them.
Ask anyone how much value that orphan in India, of the lowest caste, has. How much are they worth?
I have truly wondered.
But then, ask Christ how much one soul is worth...
"The value of a soul, who can estimate? Would you know its worth, go to Gethsemane, and there watch with Christ through those hours of anguish, when He sweat as it were great drops of blood. Look upon the Saviour uplifted on the cross. Hear that despairing cry, "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?" Mark 15:34. Look upon the wounded head, the pierced side, the marred feet. Remember that Christ risked all. For our redemption, heaven itself was imperiled. At the foot of the cross, remembering that for one sinner Christ would have laid down His life, you may estimate the value of a soul." 'Christ's Object Lessons', pg. 196.
And stand in awe of the answer....
Who can read that description, without almost or completely getting teary-eyed?
"The worth of a soul cannot be fully estimated by finite minds." '5T' pg. 620.
What can i say? I have no words to add. You, my friend, are worth enough to Christ, that He risked Heaven, His Immortal life, and so much more, to give you a chance. He knew you might reject it. But giving you a chance was worth risking eternity, in His eyes.
And, as the song says... 'Now, what will you do?'
What will we do? Will we choose to keep our souls to ourselves, and not give Him what He has bought, at a price that we cannot estimate? Will we turn from those other souls, each of which has value we can't comprehend, saying, 'am I my brother's keeper?'
I have done both. And I am broken hearted about it.
"One soul saved in the kingdom of God is of more value than all earthly riches. We are answerable to God for the souls of those with whom we are brought in contact, and the closer our connections with our fellow men, the greater our responsibility... We have not one moment to lose. If we have been careless in this matter, it is high time we were now in earnest to redeem the time, lest the blood of souls be found on our garments." {LS 206.2}
Brothers and sisters, I don't want that blood on my garments. I want Jesus' blood to wash my garments, and make them white.
I am learning the value of one soul. Precious beyond measure. And I want to seek them. I'm really going to try and brighten the corner where I am. And every other corner I can find, large or small. Pray for me, that I will be able to. And I'm happy to pray for you, as well.
Let's find those corners, and ask God to start a fire in them, that the hosts of Satan cannot put out...

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