Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Don't forget Him...

I've been strongly impressed with something recently, that I've decided to share with you...

You see, I'm on fire for mission work. Working for God, like the world could end tomorrow. Because for many, it will.

But there's an element I don't want to pass by, that is of exceeding importance.

That we don't forget who we're working for.

I've known of giants of the faith, men whom I used to respect greatly, who did a wonderful work for God.

You may know of them too.

They failed utterly.


One answer simply.

They relied on their own strength, not His.

And I can't help but think another thought, even more somber.

If these men, better than I, could fall this way, so could I.

So, I simply want to urge the truth home upon myself, and maybe you will also find it useful, that even though working for God, full time, is essential to living a victorious life...

Please, please,

Make time for God.

He's made time for us. Written us countless letters through His prophets...

It's the least we can do: Make Him the first one you think of in the morning. Make Him the last one you think of at night. Make Him the uppermost thought, through every millisecond of the day. The enemy is working by the millisecond to separate us from Him.

What makes us think we should work with any less diligence?

Please, if you feel like your relationship with the Lord leaves much to be desired, join me in seeking a deep, solid relationship with the Lord, like never before...

Also, Lord willing, I am planning to go to Thailand for a short term mission trip, the first part of the coming year. Your prayers are greatly appreciated! :)

See you at GYC!



  1. Yes! Amen! John 17:3. Our first and foremost and continual goal in life should be to have a deep and personal relationship with the Lord. It should come before witnessing, one of the reasons being that it gives us something to share, it gives us a reason to witness. Thanks for sharing, Brother!

    1. Yes, it's impossible to share something that we don't have... but the more we share, the more we'll have to share! I love how God works...

  2. That's something I've been impressed with so much lately! Time is too short not to put our hearts into the work God has given us to do. He deserves it... Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes... definitely too short to not put our all into it. Praise God for His patience...

  3. Amen! There are some people who seem to be giants of faith, but soon they fall. It is because they relied on themselves. We must remember what Peter said when Jesus told him that he would deny Him three times, and Peter said, 'I will not fall even though all others may fail!' But we see that in his own strength he totally failed! When he said, 'I WILL NOT FAIL!'