Friday, March 15, 2013


The first time it hit me, I was dumbfounded. Indignant. 

‘Are you telling me it’s really been this simple all along?’

For years, I had struggled. I’d heard all the theories, all the phrases and key-words. But it had never been real.

Now, as I looked at the black and white pages in front of me, I couldn’t believe how elementary it was.

Simple enough for a child? Yes. Deep enough to keep us busy for eternity? Yes.

All of us have battled. And lost.


Every time we see a new form of self, showing it’s ugly head, we beat it back. And then find 20 more to take it’s place…

We get desperate. Some of us give up. Other’s struggle on, fighting and losing, hoping that one day it’ll all work out…

Oh, how Christ must weep at our vain efforts! How He must long to help us…

But He already did. 

We are just on the wrong road, that’s all.

Instead of trying to beat back the enemy one at a time, only to find they’ve grown stronger…

We need an older Brother.

Christ did not originate evolution. Yet, how many of us believe it, while taking His name?

I do not serve a God who would only be able to root sin out a little at a time. A little less sin, a little more holiness…

A little less poison, and a little more food? Really???

What insanity.


He offers me the power to overcome.


Did you ever cross the road as a small child, holding your parent’s hand? If you were like me, you trusted them implicitly. No question. They’d get you across.

What if… we held on to Him like that?

What if, when He said we’re forgiven, we believed Him? Just simply believed we were forgiven?

What if, when He said He’d cleanse us from all unrighteousness, we believed Him?

Could it really be that simple?

Oh friends… I could never be more sure. My heart is torn to see friends fighting a hopeless battle. The agony of losing is in their eyes…

If only they knew of the help waiting at their side!

Salvation is so simple.

Please, don’t just let it be words. Ponder it. Digest it. Try it.

When He says it… believe Him. He’s trust-worthy. He’ll not let you down. Ask for forgiveness, and believe you have it. Ask Him to empower you, and live as though it was done. Live life as though you are walking with Him, your hand in His…

After all, when He brought sight to the blind, they didn’t need glasses. The paralytic didn’t need a cane when he was healed.

When He heals, He heals. 

‘According to your faith, be it unto you…’

 Try walking with Him. Your hand in His.

I promise. 

No, scratch that.

He's promised.

You’ll never be the same.

(Oh, and please read ‘Lessons on faith.’)


  1. The agony of losing was in my heart this morning. . . I came and went at church feeling crushed, weighed down, and so disappointed in myself. All my promises and good intentions as ropes of sand. . .
    "Other’s struggle on, fighting and losing, hoping that one day it’ll all work out…"
    I read this post shortly after and can I just say that it was exactly the grace I needed. God used you today.

    1. Praise God! Oh, how many He's used to bring me closer to Him...
      Keep pressing onward, friend. The battle may be hard, but we know who wins. :)
      Praying for you!

  2. Amen. What God has promised He is able also to perform (Rom. 4:21). Praise the Lord!

  3. It seems it's often so hard to remember just how simple and clear the truth is. We try to make it more... but it's right there in front of us! Thank you for sharing (and I did pull out my Lessons on Faith book again since it's been awhile; amazing stuff).

    1. Yes... one case where it seems too good to be true, but it really is true! Yeah, what an awesome book... I need to read it again myself. :)

  4. It's so amazing that the message of Jesus is simple enough for a toddler to understand, yet so complex that the most intellectual men cannot begin to understand it! Oh for us to go back to the simplicity of the gospel! Let's seek to know nothing save Jesus and Him crucified!

    1. Oh yes... yes. We can never, ever go wrong seeking that, brother! :) I want that, more than anything. Yes, let's go for it, in His strength! :D