Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Timothy"... a child with little hope.


I instantly lose any feelings of self-pity when I see stories like this. 

I don't care whether my car broke down, or my wallet is empty, or I smashed my thumb...

This kid is in agony.

Put yourself in his shoes. (Oops... he probably doesn't own a pair). 

He may never live to be a teenager, if he doesn't get the needed surgery. But I won't give all the details away... you really need to just watch this. 

My friend Preston Meyer shot this with his Canon 7D, and I came along to help with audio and stills. 

I hope the reality of it all will grip you as much as the reality of seeing it firsthand gripped me. Please share this all you want! 

God bless, and enjoy! 

Timothy from Reel Mission Productions on Vimeo.

Timothy has suffered from infections ever since he was young, and now he has been diagnosed with Spina-bifida. He will continue to suffer from bad infections until he gets neurosurgery. If he doesn't get this surgery, the infections will eventually take his life. If you would like to help with Timothy's medical care, go to Please mark your donation "Karen Outreach - Timothy". Thank you!
If you would like to contact the Adams directly, you can email them at

Jesus for Asia contact information. Phone: (423) 413-7321 Email:

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