Thursday, March 28, 2013

What is Heaven to you?

Oh why are we still here?

Sharp pangs of embarrassment sting when we have another anniversary as a church. How long?

My precious church was founded by it's pioneers with the belief that Christ could come...

In their lifetime.

(Fast forward multiple generations...)

Now, here we are. Almost 170 years later.

Oh yes, we still want Jesus to come, so we can go to Heaven.

But I have to wonder... maybe we missed the point.

What if...

What if Jesus was really Heaven?


What if I decided that Jesus was Heaven?

Is Heaven where I will live, or is Heaven what I will live?

I hope and pray desperately that Heaven will one day be my address.

But I wonder if I'll ever get there, if I don't have Heaven in my heart. Now.

And if Heaven's in my heart, and Jesus is really Heaven...

That must mean that I don't need to wait for Heaven. I can have it now.

I wonder, if I died to self and lived in Christ...

Maybe He could come back for me?

And if I'm living in Christ, maybe there'd be a whole lot more to come back for besides me?

Because if I'm dead and Christ's alive, things happen.

Oh, how I want myself to be nothing, and Him to be everything.

That's Heaven.

To me.


  1. Amen! That is heaven to me too! May my life be a piece of Heaven in this world...

  2. Blessed by this Schane - "Is Heaven where I will live, or is Heaven what I will live?" Powerful.

    1. PTL brother. It's a solemn thought, isn't it? :)