Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Source of power.

'I understand why the truth is true... but I just don't feel it's power in my life.'

Ever had a time in your life like that? I have.

And, more and more, I'm realizing that there are a lot of people like that. They go to church, sing the hymns, do good deeds...

But in their hearts, they tremble, because they know it's really not a living reality for them.

Yet, they toil on, never quite reaching the evasive depths of Christianity that they thirst for. Often they live off of others' experiences. One spiritual high to the next, with plenty of low's in between...

Christianity was never meant to be a sort of game, with success always just out of reach.

I've observed enough. Seen plenty in my own life. Watched the despairing looks, long enough.

There has got to be is a better way.

I was talking to someone about this recently. And some ideas started forming....

Imagine I knew of something. Something we'd only dream of as a futuristic miracle solution to all of our problems. I had possession of it, and you didn't, along with more than half of the world.
(yeah, I know it will take some imagining, but hey, it's just an illustration)

And I continued living life as though all was normal.

Scratch that. I couldn't.

I'd get up on the nearest mountain with a P/A system the size of a house and tell the world. Everyone would know. I'd make sure of that. I mean, I'd be embarrassed to shout about me, but I'd gladly proclaim it if I had something that would cure all our problems!

But let's say I lived life as normal. I think I'd lose my enthusiasm, eh? Maybe?

You know what the good news is? We have a miracle solution to all our problems. And it's not futuristic. (it can't get any better, anyhow).

His name is Jesus.

Losing your enthusiasm about Christianity? Remember where we get the name. Go. Proclaim it. (Him)

I think you'll see the enthusiasm come back.

But don't take my word for it.

"This is the recipe that Christ has prescribed for the fainthearted, doubting, trembling soul. Let the sorrowful ones, who walk mournfully before the Lord, arise and help some one who needs help."

--Testimonies, vol. 6, p. 266.

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