Saturday, August 2, 2014

Count. The. Cost.

My friend's Uncle. Dead. Died while serving.

A new friend. Victim of a nervous breakdown, from strains while serving.

Another friend's wife, in major medical distress. Lost her first child. Also while serving.

Mission work is no laughing matter.

There are many in my personal acquaintance, who have suffered much, to serve.

Yet, we must count the cost.


Yes, count all you will lose, when you surrender all, and give your life to service.

You will likely lose any sense of self-reliant independence. You will likely lose any chance at having great earthly possessions, and may lose the ones you already have. 

You may lose your family, and your life. 

But we're not done counting. 

This counting will take a while. It's a number around 3 billion. 

Who are un-reached* by the gospel. 

Now count this. You're inside those walls with pearly gates. 

Those 3 billion are outside. And you did nothing about it. 

Oh. Yeah. What about the 5 million kids who died last year. Starved to death. 

One in 8 worldwide are starving. 

10 million children** worldwide die every year from lack of healthcare. 

Personal testimony. I've been to places where I've seen masses who know not my God. I've seen the sick, the dying, the starving.

And yet, I still worry about things He's told me aren't worth worrying about. 

But I'm choosing to let it go. I've counted the cost. 

It's worth it.


  1. Mmm. My heart aches for those less fortunate than us... Those starving, dying with no hope. They are more than a statistic. Lord show us how to reach them.

    1. Yes... may this be the cry of our hearts.

  2. Mmm. God has really been impressing me this summer--"Count the cost." All the costs. Is it worth it? Not from my [human] viewpoint. But when He gives me His heart for them? YES, of course it is all worth it, if only one more is in heaven!

    1. Yes. Difficult battle, but worth it all the way. PTL for victory!

  3. Absolutely worth it. Because Jesus died for every last one of those 3 million. And I don't want to see any empty mansions in Heaven.