Saturday, January 17, 2015

Do, dare and sacrifice: what are we waiting for?

I recently read an interesting article about US special forces. In particular, this was about the Navy SEAL's, just about the highest position you can get into in the US military. 

The entrance exams alone are nothing to laugh about, but that's only the start. By the time they get deep into their training, the dropout rate is a huge percentage, due to extremely grueling circumstances, that only allow for the very best, strongest, and most determined to succeed. 

And it made me think...

We hear it often, that we are at war with an enemy that is far superior to us, humanly speaking. We know, intellectually, that we have not a chance against him in our own strength. 

We know, also, that there are many, bound by this enemy. 

And, that it is our duty to free them. 

No one glosses up the job of a Navy SEAL. They come right out and say that the training will be worse than intense. And the job itself is beyond what you may think is humanly possible. No sweet talk here; yet many strive for it, investing their all, only to be turned away in favor of the elite of the elite. 

Yet it seems we, as Christians, constantly thirst for someone to make some sort of stirring appeal, some sort of emotionally manipulating call, to serve. 

We have a much higher calling than any military. Their missions may be politically motivated. At best they can only work to save mortal life. 

We have been called to bring the map to immortal life to all. And anyone can pass entrance exams if they want to badly enough. 

When will we stop asking for icing on every appeal? When will we just see the needs and rise to the call, forgetting earthly comfort?

Patriotism has led many over the centuries to abandon all comfort, and life itself, to do any small part they could for their country. What will it do for us? 

God is calling to my heart at a deep level, to abandon my ideas and self, and be patriotic. I claim Heaven as my home - what will I be willing to do, dare and sacrifice for it, on the enemy's territory?

Serious thoughts - will you consider them with me? 

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