Thursday, July 2, 2015

I love trials.

And I'm actually serious.

Does a dead battery, a blown-out tire, and serious engine trouble in one day qualify as a trial? It sure felt like it.

But as we sat in the parking lot, trying to decide how to proceed, I felt a strange peace, and almost a little excitement.


Because it's hard to have faith, when you don't need faith.

When everything is going good, and you have an unlimited budget, and the sun is shining and you have cool lemonade... You get the picture. Most people don't feel an intense need for God.

But when times are hard, when you can't afford a brand new car, when the entire path in front of you is black with foreboding...

That's when you have to trust.

And let me tell you: there's no sweeter feeling, than having faith that the fire will not destroy you, but merely remove the un-wanted dross.

It may not be easy, it may not make sense, it might include blood, sweat & tears and failures, but I'm learning to embrace the fire.

Because He's not afraid to walk through it with me.

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