Saturday, June 4, 2016


As I walked out into the darkness outside my friend's house, I almost stumbled over the form of a young teenage boy sitting on the steps. I must've looked a bit startled, as he quickly explained he needed a ride just down the road - could I give him one?

 As we got into my car, I introduced myself, and he returned the courtesy. His name was Gavin, he said. As we talked, he just asked out of the blue, "Are you a Christian?" After affirming the fact, I asked about his personal beliefs. He proceeded to explain that he wanted to study out all the religions, and find one that made sense to him - didn't want to just practice a religion because everyone else did.

By this time, we'd reached his house, and so I shook his hand, and he disappeared into the darkness. But I was reminded of other times. Like the time when I was canvassing with GYC pre-conference, and ran into Austin. Austin was in his mid to late teens, and, after his initial fear of opening the door, finally came out and told me his story about being desperate to find out what is truth.

Experience has taught me that Gavin and Austin are not alone. There are more unknown searchers in this world, than most of us will ever know, tragically. Truth be told, most of us, even the most steadfast in the faith, have questioned at some point in their life, wondered what the truth is. And though I may not yet be able to return to the foreign lands where I left much of my heart, I am thankful to know that my Lord has work for me to do here as well.

Keep your eyes out for the Austin's & Gavin's around you. You never know what impact you might have in their life...

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