Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Decision.

Our salvation. Our decision. Do you know these two things go together? I have been greatly blessed lately, as I have been transcribing a couple sermons from audio to text, they have been powerful sermons! The last one I did, was on the Judgment. Do you know that the Judgment is not something to fear? Brothers and sisters, we are deciding our cases now. We don't have to worry about our eternal destiny being decided without our consent, we are the only ones who can make that decision! Which one will we make? I can't tell you the earnest feeling I get when I think about it. We have no time to lose! Our relationship with Christ, daily, is of the utmost importance. Christ not only forgives us, but He imparts His power over sin to us! Friends, what a blessing! What a privilege! We do not have to do it on our own, in fact we can't. When we have a daily, constant connection with Christ, we cannot fail. We may make mistakes, when we stray from Him, but we have to come back with repentance, and he will forgive, and re-empower us! This, my friends, is good news! Will you and I take Christ up on His offer to forgive and empower? I hope and pray we will. It will do more than all the sermons ever preached, to see a people who have such a close relationship with their Lord, that they stand unspotted in this world of sin. We must not disappoint them. We must not disappoint Him! Won't you join me in striving to walk with Christ, as Enoch did, today?
Looking Heavenward,

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