Friday, July 15, 2011


A young girl who's family we knew for years, drowned in a river... A man, whom I considered to be young, still in the prime of his life, the sufferer of a terrible disease, who we also knew. Gone. His wife is now left alone to struggle on... A terrible wreck on the highway. The white sheets on one car told the story. Death. Pain. It seems to be everywhere! Life is so fragile! Why do we treat it so carelessly? The Lord is coming. Are we ready? Are you ready? Am I ready? Far worse than physical death, which is but for a moment, is spiritual death. Are you dead, or alive? Spiritually? There is one death I want to die. With God's help, I want to die to self. Do you? If we would die to self, maybe some others could live. Maybe, Jesus would come, and there would be no more death! Is that your desire? It's mine. Won't you join me in dying to self?
Your friend and brother in Christ,