Sunday, October 2, 2011

Coals of Inspiration

There we were. Standing around the fire. Friends, family, brothers and sisters in Christ. It had been an amazing Sabbath, full of fellowship, studies, outreach and more. But something was lacking, and we aimed to do something about it. You see, the group of young people standing around our campfire, both my family and friends, feels that we are among the final generation. What are we doing about it? This was the question on our minds. We resolved that we would do something about it. Remembering our church pioneers, who spent whole nights in prayer, who studied to show themselves approved; we decided it was time to follow their example. The counsel “Cannot you form a band of workers, and have set times to pray together and ask the Lord to give you His grace, and put forth united action?” --Youth's Instructor, Aug. 9, 1894. This was what we wanted, more than anything, to follow. So, we are going to follow it! “Let young men, and women, and children go to work in the name of Jesus. Let them unite together upon some plan and order of action.” Messages to Young People, pg. 197. This is our purpose, possibly our mission statement. Brothers and sisters, will we all unite upon some plan and order of action? Will we unite in praying with and for each other? We are the final generation. Are we living like we believe it? Oh, I pray that we are. And if we are not, praise God, He will help us to change that! I encourage you, I plead with you, that if you are not already following this plan, that you will join us. Pray for us, the Devil is not happy with our decision to unite in service for the Master. We are planning to study, to pray, and to work, by bringing this light to our community. Will you join our humble group in united effort for the Lord?

Your fellow soldier!


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