Thursday, November 24, 2011

We're Pilgrims...

It's Thanksgiving. Wow, what a blessing, to thank God for what He has done for us! Mrs. White did. Listen to what she says here: “I think we have something to be thankful for. We ought to be glad and rejoice in God, for He has given us many mercies. . . . We want this Thanksgiving to be all that it implies. Do not let it be perverted, mingled with dross; but let it be what its name implies--giving thanks. Let our voices ascend in praise.” 'The Adventist Home', pg. 475. I have experienced 22 Thanksgivings now (I think? :-D), and I have to admit, this next quote describes how it has usually been for me: “Our Thanksgiving is approaching. Will it be, as it has been in many instances, a thanksgiving to ourselves?” Oh yes. I think it has been that before. Almost without exception, for me. By God's grace, not any more. I like the next part of the quote: “Or will it be a thanksgiving to God?” 'The Adventist Home', pg. 474.
Will it be a thanksgiving to God? Who created us, redeemed us, empowers us, and will save us? Our Father, Brother, and best Friend? How about it? Shall we thank Him? I, for one, am going to try, through His strength. By the way, you might be wondering where the title came from. Well, Thanksgiving, as we here know it, came from some pilgrims, who thanked God for the blessings He gave. Well, brothers and sisters, we're pilgrims too. But, praise God, we're strangers, and not settlers. In fact we can tarry but a while. Let's join to make that little while shorter, amen?
Your fellow pilgrim,

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