Friday, January 20, 2012

Creation, or Evolution?

OK, so I know it's pretty quick after yesterday's post, but here is another astounding quote from “Lessons on Faith”, by Jones and Waggoner. Hope you enjoy it! It's from page 40 and on.

“I am going to speak this afternoon on the subject of evolution. I want you to pay close attention, and find out for yourselves whether or not you are evolutionists. First of all, I will read to you what evolution is; then as we follow along, you can see whether or not you are an evolutionist. These statements are all copied from a treatise on evolution, written by one of the chief evolutionists; therefore they are all correct, so far as they go, as definitions:.....

“Evolution is thus almost synonymous with progress. It is a transition from the lower to the higher, from the worse to the better. Thus progress points to an increased value in existence, as judged by our feelings.”

...Now, what has been the process of your progress from the worse to the better? Has it been through “many ups and downs”? Has your acquiring of the power to do the good---the good works which are of God---been through a long process of ups and downs from the time of your first profession of Christianity until now? Has it appeared sometimes that you had apparently made great progress, that you were doing well, and that everything was nice and pleasant; and then, without a moment's warning there would come a cataclysm, or an eruption, and all be spoiled? Nevertheless, in spite of all the ups and downs, you start in for another effort: and so through this process, long-continued, you have come to where you are to-day; and in “looking back” over it all, you can mark some progress, you think, as judged by your feelings, --is that your experience? Is that the way you have made progress? In other words, are you an evolutionist?

...The genuine evolutionist recognizes that creation must be immediate; but he does not believe in immediate action, and therefore he does not believe in creation. Do not forget that creation is immediate, or else it is not creation: if not immediate, it is evolution...

Many people have been longing and longing for a clean heart. They say: “I believe in the forgiveness of sin and all that, and I would take it all, if I was sure that I could hold out; but there is so much evil in my heart, and so many things to overcome, that I do not have any confidence.” But there stands the word, “Create in me a clean heart.” A clean heart comes by creation, and by no other means; and that creation is wrought by the word of God. For He says, “ A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you.” Are you a creationist now, or are you an evolutionist? Will you go out of this house with an evil heart, or with a new heart, created by the word of God, which has in it creative energy to produce a new heart? It speaks to you a new heart.”

Creationist, or evolutionist? I hope and pray we will all be creationists, that we may be overcomers with Him!

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