Saturday, January 14, 2012

Will we be there?

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We have been studying about Christ's death & resurrection in our local Sabbath school class, and it has started me thinking. Christ's great sacrifice, what a great thing to contemplate! We can't even come close to understanding it. But, what we can understand, is that the One who created everything we know, the One who has always been, the Power that holds the universe together, loved us so much, that He risked all for us. He couldn't see past the tomb while on the cross. He, at that point, was willing to risk His eternal existence, for you and I. Yet, He thought it would be worth it, if we could live, even if He died eternally! (Reference: Desire of ages, pg. 753). Would we do that? He loved us so much, today He loves us that much. It really gets to me when I think about it. Why would He love me? I am nothing! But He does anyway. How could that not strike a resounding chord in our hearts? If He, who had everything, was willing to give it ALL up for us, what will we give up for Him? Which brings me to the explanation of the title. Jesus is preparing a place for us. A place of no hardship, no sickness, a place where our deceased grandparents, friends, and more may be, a place of continual happiness. Will we be there? Life can be hard in this world. Jesus knows that too. His life was none too easy here. Brothers and Sisters, life may be hard here, even if we are doing the will of God. But, I am here to tell you, that I want so badly to share eternity with all of you! I earnestly hope that I will be willing to lay aside my sins, to lay aside my hopes and dreams for this life, and to serve Him, and prepare for the next! Will you join me, and, by God's grace, be there?
It will all be worth it.
Your brother in Christ,

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