Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Friend.

(OK, I know it's soon after yesterday's post, but I can't wait). :-)

I lay in bed thinking. Thinking about serving. As I pondered this world, and all the work to be done in it, the thought crossed my mind: If I could go to all the world, if there was a message I could bring to them, what would it be? A serious question. What would I tell them? Would I tell them about the wonders of the Sabbath? Or the blessings of the state of the dead? What would I say? If I could only share one message, I think it would have to be this: I am a great sinner, and He is a great Savior. He loved me, before I loved Him. I would tell them of His love. But that word has been miserably perverted, so I would have to explain it. Maybe I would explain it in a way like this:

Imagine you have a Friend. As you walk through life with this Friend, your friendship deepens. He's always there for you, always seems interested in what you have to say. As your friendship grows, you share more and more with Him. He loves to spend time with you, and just listen. And He always gives you the best advice. In fact, He has written lot's of it in books, so that you won't forget it, and you can look it up anytime. And He is so strong! He knows that you aren't strong, so He gladly helps you to follow his advice. Whenever enemies and bullies come around, He's always there to protect you, if you ask Him to. There's one enemy in particular that is real big, but he always runs from your Friend. Sometimes, you let Him down. You decide it might be more fun to find other friends, and leave Him for a while. This makes Him very sad. But when you come back to Him and apologize, He doesn't turn you away. In fact, He rejoices! A long time ago, He saw that your greatest enemy was going to kill you. He loved you so much, that He decided that, instead of letting you die, He would die instead. And He did. But He loved you even more. He rose again, and now He is not only the friend that died for you, He lives for you too! You have grown up in poverty. You never had any guarantee that you would be alive the next day. You had no strength to live on your own. But your Friend also happens to be a King. He sees that the place you live in isn't safe. He sees that you can only survive but a short time there. So, He has been working for centuries to build you a nice place. In fact, it's so nice you can't even imagine how nice it is. Someday soon, He's going to come get you, and take you there. He's promised, and He's never let you down before. He only asks one thing of you: Will you follow the advice in His books? He promises to give you the strength you need to do it. And oh, one more thing. He has lot's of other friends too, that don't know Him yet. Will you please let them know about His advice books too? And about the nice place He has for them? The sooner you can do it, the sooner you can go and live with Him in His wonderful place. I think I forgot to tell you, but it will be forever. You won't ever have to leave. By the way, this Friend is Jesus. Will you accept Him today?

This is the message I think I would give, friends. Thought I'd share it with you now, since I can't give it to the rest of the world yet.

Let's not let our friend down, through His strength. And let's share Him with others, Amen?

Yours in Him.


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  1. This is along the lines of what I just shared tonight, brother! God bless you...