Sunday, March 25, 2012

Where do we live?

I recently heard a sermon from GYC, by Kameron Devasher. It was about heaven. Well, kind of. Many of you have already heard this sermon, but I think this thought is worthy of rehearsing. The thought was this: All of us want to go to heaven, right? But would we enjoy it? Would we fit in? Would heaven feel like home? If heaven will feel like home, it won't be because of something that changes on the way up. It is now. Now is the time when we are getting ready for the home we are choosing. If we are perfectly comfortable in this world, we likely won't feel at home in heaven. If we are to feel comfortable in heaven, we have to be living like we will be in heaven now. Because our character won't change when we get there. This had such an impact on me. Where am I preparing to live? Here, or there? I encourage you to ask yourself the same question. Where is our home?

May God help us to prepare for heaven!

God bless,



  1. That sermon made a great impression on me as well.

  2. Hmmmm. Beautiful thoughts. I want to live in the heavenly atmosphere as well... To love what He loves and hate wha He hates. It reminds me of Ephesians 2:4-6 - "lifted to sit in heavenly places in Christ Jesus."

  3. Hope, It was sure a solemn thought in the sermon, wasn't it?
    Paul:,That is a solemn, yet awesome thought. I like that verse! It seems we can have heaven here, now. :-)