Friday, June 8, 2012

Faithful Soldiers.

For those of you who have heard me talk about the Christian walk as being like a battle before, please forgive me, if it's a repetition. :-)

Imagine a battlefield. You are on it. There is heavy fighting, all around. People are dying. Your best friends, sometimes, are severely wounded or killed. As you look around, you see many different types of people among your ranks. Some are sitting in little groups, just hanging out. They seem oblivious to the bullets flying around them. Some of them are killed. Yet they continue on, doing what they do best: Nothing...
There are others. As you look, you see individuals running into enemy lines. They spend some time there, and then return. And you just know they are traitors. How could they do this? Yet they continue on, mostly unchecked it seems...
Another group. They are supposed to be on your side, but it seems they are always shooting at you. They allowed bad experiences in the past to build up, and fester. Now, they fight against their own...
And then, you notice a small group. Rather, several, small groups. They have energy. Often, you see them counsel with the older, gray haired generals. And they are often on their knees. Yet, even with these breaks, they seem to have excellent success. But there are so few of them! They sometimes ask others to join them, but meet with little gain. Yet, when they attack the enemy's ground, everyone knows it. Their General knows how to order the battle. And the opposing forces dare not argue. Oh yes, they would like to spend time with each other, to socialize and the like, but as you watch two groups part, you hear them say. 'We'll see you when it's over. Be faithful, soldiers!' And they part.

And you wonder. Which group am I in?

My friends, which group are you in? Often, I feel I am in every group but the last one. I have been a miserable soldier. By God's grace, let's strive to be like the last group.

And if not before, I'll see you when it's over. Be faithful, soldiers.


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