Monday, July 16, 2012

Clear through...

We were sitting around the campfire, early Friday morning, cooking breakfast. This morning, it happened to be hashed browns, and toast. Nothing tastes quite so good, as when it is cooked over a campfire. Even so, I tend to be impatient with the slow process. The rest of my family is also aware of this, and we were kind of talking about the humor of it, when I made a statement about how mine always seem to be done on the outside, and uncooked in the middle. And then it struck me. Is my spiritual life like that, too? When the Heavenly fire is applied to my life, do I only allow it to touch the outside? Friends, I intend to learn, by God's grace, to let the fire from on High transform me, all the way through. I want to be more than an outward show. I want to be good, inside and out.

How about you?