Thursday, July 19, 2012

Never more to roam...

As we went about our way, Friday morning, we discovered that our two dogs, one a pure German shepherd (Jake), one a German shepherd/wolf mix (Sequoia), were gone. You see, Sequoia likes to run off, and Jake reluctantly goes along for the adventure. But this time was different. We were camping in the mountains of Montana, and had only been in this spot for one night. The area was new to them, and we hoped they wouldn't get disorientated. As we were conversing about their escapade, the idea was suggested, that although we were in a gorgeous spot, with a beautiful creek, and everything a dog could dream of, there was always something better, in a dog's mind. And then my sister suggested, 'maybe we're like that too.' Oh, wow. Are we like that too? Our gracious, loving Lord has provided everything our hearts could dream of, and more. We could ask for nothing better. Yet, so often, we stray to lands afar, to forbidding and frightful territory, because we are unhappy, unsatisfied with the bounty He has provided. Am I really no more intelligent than our foolish pets? This is what I want:

Coming home, coming home, never more to roam....
Open wide, Thine arms of love...
Lord, I'm coming home...”

Hopefully the dogs, and all of us, will come home, never more to roam.  


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  1. Our heavenly Father always knows what is best for us. That is such a good thought that you shared. Thank you!