Sunday, July 22, 2012

Which strength?

                                                (This motorhome was at camp meeting, and there were people
                                                in it. Fortunately there was only a broken leg... could have
                                                been more. Photo credits: Arron Johnson.)

Weird title, I know. You'll understand when I'm done, I hope.
You see, there was a huge storm last night. I just didn't know how huge. This morning, as we traveled the hour plus that it takes to get to the northeast Washington camp meeting, I found out how huge it was. Destruction like I have never seen, everywhere. But amidst the destruction, I believe the Lord taught me some valuable lessons, that I hope I will not soon forget! On our way up the pass, it seemed there were fallen trees everywhere. As I thought about it, and what the winds must have been like at the top, I remarked something about how it would likely be worse at the top. Once I got there though, I sat stunned. There was hardly any debris at all! And I don't remember a single downed tree. And then again, when we headed down the other side, the destruction was evident again. And then it struck me: those trees at the top, were used to the wind. You see, they live in windy conditions all the time. They have run their roots deep, and strengthened every fiber to resist it. On to the next observation: as we traveled through the valley below, and witnessed the destruction everywhere, we noticed that the thick forests were demolished. Where the trees were thinner, they had a much higher survival rate.

Now, to apply it...

Are you learning now, to allow God to mold you, shape you, and strengthen you? Are you living on the mountain with God, or in the valley of sin?

And are we leaning on others? They'll only come down with you. There may not always be lot's of friends to lean on, but friend, lean on Christ!

Well, there are more object lessons, but I'll let you search for them. In the meantime, I will leave you with a challenge: Lean on Him. And don't seek comfort and ease. It may, it will, one day, bring destruction.

Your brother and friend,