Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Creation, or evolution?

OK, I think I have posted about this before. But sorry, I just had to again. :)
Are you a creationist, or an evolutionist? I can see most of you raising your eyebrows and wondering what happened to Schane this time. But I'm serious! Being a creationist, or evolutionist, entails more than we might think...
If you're reading this post, you probably call yourself a creationist. If you happen to be an evolutionist, please keep reading too. So, most of us believe that the world, and everything in it, was created in six literal days, by the word of God, nothing else, and that God rested on the seventh day. Everything in the world was created, by the word of God. How long did it take for that word to accomplish it's task? A few million years? A lifetime?!
It was instant.
Psalm 51:10: "Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me."
Yeah. That's no joke...
Was David just joking around when he asked God to do that? I think not. Do we believe that God works through creation, or evolution?
Let me illustrate. Right now, I drive an experienced Honda Civic. It's a good old car, and has served me well. But I'm thinking I will need a car with a little less miles, one that I can heavily rely on to do a lot of travelling with. Now, if I went out and shook my Civic enough times, or maybe blew it up once every 10 minutes for a year, I might get a newer model, huh?
You're laughing, but don't we believe the same thing about our characters?
We think that the good will slowly get to be more than the bad. We will lose our tempers and yell at the dog only 50% of what we used to. We'll only be half as selfish as we used to be...
And that's just like drinking half as much poison. We're still going to die with that theory, friends. God, the God we serve, is a Creator, not an evolver...
We think that sanctification is the work of a lifetime, and I really believe it is! But friends, that's not a process of slowly weaning out the bad! We don't serve a God like that.
Rather, it's a process of the good becoming more glorious...
And it's all about faith. If you really have faith in the merits of our Lord. If you ask in humble faith to be forgiven, you are justified. Yes, I'm serious. But I'll add a quote so you don't have to believe me...
"The moment true faith in the merits of the costly atoning sacrifice is exercised, claiming Christ as a personal Saviour, that moment the sinner is justified before God, because he is pardoned."  {OHC 52.5}
At that moment, friends, the process of sanctification begins. It's not a process of sinning a little less, and doing a little more good! David said "Create in me a clean heart", not a "kind of clean heart". It's only a process of the character becoming more glorious!
Here's how it works, to the best of my knowledge, correct me if I'm wrong...
"Create in me a clean heart..."
"Looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith..."
"We will be changed into the same image, from glory to glory..."
Does that sound right? From glory to glory! PTL!
Now, to do it.
Let's ask Him to create that clean heart in us, today... amen?


  1. Amen! A good perspective, drawing from evolution vs. Creation!God can turn our lives around very quickly if we ask Him.