Friday, October 5, 2012

The joy of sharing...

I am on fire...
God has been showing me some things in the last weeks, and I am so excited about it! I have been seeing more and more how different lines of work go together, and harmonize. Last Sunday, I got to volunteer at a health expo in Spokane, Washington. I had never done this before... which sure made it interesting at first! I ended up helping out in the area of "air" (they had the health expo set up according to the 8 laws of health), and used something called a "peak air monitor". People breathed into it, as hard as they could, and the monitor measured it, and I compared their reading to the average for their age and height. I don't know how many people I helped... maybe 100? Maybe more. I don't know. I saw people from all walks of life. And I found that people were very open, when they were concerned about their health. Many of the people I interacted with, I doubt if i could have, any other way.

And now I see the beauty of the medical missionary work, like never before.

On top of that, I have recently had an interest in city missions. Well, maybe I should re-phrase that. I have had a fire for city missions. The cities seem to be a forsaken field. Not that I like going into the cities... the wickedness of the cities makes me cringe and feel like running away. But how can I stand by idly, when there are millions of souls dying in these cities?

And as I have studied... all of a sudden, everything makes sense, and goes together.

I see the importance of the canvassing work. An excuse to go to the door. A way to get the truth, through our publications, into people's homes. A way of supporting workers...

I see the importance of medical missionary work. A way to reach people who can't be reached in any other way... and people are never as open, as when you have helped through the grace of God, to get well. Just caring about their health means the world to them. And, besides, who can properly understand the gospel, when they're sick? The right arm of the gospel? Yes.

I see the importance of evangelism, of Bible work... wow. It all fits together like it was made to.
Let me tell you, I want to spend, and be spent, in this work. The experiences I get in it, periodically, are enough to convince me of that.

And so, I am aiming for that, with all that I have, by faith. I am working towards two things. Oh, how foolish it seems for simple, young, inexperienced little me, to try and do anything for Christ! All I can do, is say it must be Him, and not me. Bu the two things are these:

I am, along with the help of many others, working on planning a training intensive next summer. If you're reading this, I may even ask you to help. I know the training I need, and maybe others need it too. I'd like to have training in medical missionary work, canvassing, Bible work, evangelism, disaster relief... you get the picture. Just mission training. I'd like to find a way to  make it almost free. And short enough to fit into people's schedules.

Please pray for this, if you would. It's a work in progress, as we speak.

I've also been inspired greatly with a thought, I think partially spun off by our Alaska Mission Experience...
Maybe a crazy thought... but maybe not? I know I'm not capable of even doing any of it. It's going to take many hands and minds. But I would like to see our cities getting worked effectively. I know of some who are already doing all that they can. Great canvassing programs. Great medical missionary projects. But I'd like to do what I can, too.

I dream of a team, or maybe many teams, working the cities with canvassing, medical missionary work, health expo's and more, evangelistic series, etc. Maybe it's idealistic. Maybe not realistic. But I'd like to get training, and I'd like to try it. Do any of these ideas interest you? I'd like to hear your input... I don't claim to have any knowledge. I don't know what I'm doing. But God can qualify all of us, because He qualifies those who He calls, and He's called us all...

I can no longer ignore that call....

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