Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Do. Dare.

OK, I'm on fire. I'd like to make the words you're looking at nearly leap off the page, but I'll leave that to God. On to the subject...

What are you doing for God?

He gave everything for you. There was not one gift in Heaven that was not given for your benefit. The Ruler of the Universe is looking, as it were, down from the Eternal throne, desperately hoping you will let Him save you...

He's left nothing undone for you.

And again I ask, what are you doing for Him?

I can relate to the excuses. I'm only a kid in my twenties with hardly any money or time. There's all sorts of reasons why I am unable to work for God.

And the Father and Son are busy too. They're keeping the universe in order...

No, excuses aren't going to work anymore.

He's not asking you to do something awful. He only asks that you'll help Him save others. And, in the process, and through the process, He'll save you.

Not a bad arrangement.

So, what is my point? Simply this: I am tired of making excuses. I am tired of normal. To be quite frank, every time I go out and spend time with my friends, the homeless... every time I participate in a medical missionary event... every time I deal with souls...

And then look at "normal" life...

I tell myself that there's got to be more to life than that...

You may say it's an extremist outlook.

I personally don't mind being an extremist:
"When we reach the standard that the Lord would have us reach, worldlings will regard Seventh-day Adventists as odd, singular, straight-laced extremists. "We are made a spectacle unto the world, and to angels, and to men."  'RH', January 9, 1894 par. 10.

I'm leaving the details to God. But by His grace, I hope to never live a "normal" life. Not when my friends who don't know Him, are dying by the minute...

No, normal doesn't work...

Oh, praise the Lord for giving us the privilege of being co-laborers with Him!

Let's take Him up on the offer, amen?


  1. Amen! Let's get the right focus on life, and watch and pray so we don't get caught up in the things of this world.

    1. So true brother... I am feeling the desperate need off this more than ever...

  2. Amen! This post was just the encouragement I needed today... see my profile on G+ for the story...

    1. I'm not on G+ anymore, but I'll try to find that! :D
      I'm glad it was encouraging to you. Just thinking about it was encouraging for me, too. :)
      Praise God for His leading in each of His people's lives!

    2. Maybe, you can ask your sister...

    3. I did find it on her G+ stream. :D You know, that is an awesome story! I think that's just the kind of thing that God wants His people to do: start right where they are, and share His love, and expand that territory as quickly as He leads. Thanks for sharing that testimony! :)

  3. Lol, glad there's another "extremist" out there with this philosophy. ;)