Saturday, November 24, 2012

The least of these... Our own flesh...

No, they're not bums. 

They're SOULS...

What can I say? We can only do so much. A little warm soup, some sandwiches and cookies...

And, by the grace of God,


You don't feel called? 

May I say it?

This is a call.

Please, please,

Go to work for the Master. It may be homeless people, it may be millionaires. But please don't wait longer. They're dying as we speak...


  1. Thanks for sharing! Some friends and I were sitting around this weekend daydreaming about what Ted Wilson's buzzword "comprehensive urban evangelism" would look like in reality...homeless shelters that do more than just give food was at the top of the list, among other things. What if we not only fed and clothed them, but taught them a vocation? Helped them overcome addictions? Led them to Jesus?

    What if all the sincerely homeless people in an entire city were helped to their feet? What would that feel like? For us? For God?

    Your vision is a shared vision, Schane!

    1. Wow... I really have to remember this is a comment, not a blog post. lol. I
      think city missions has got to be among my greatest passions in life, thanks in part
      to my friend Nathan Arthur, and Dave Fiedler. (Not to mention reading "Christian service").
      I think what you mentioned is amazing...In fact, on the way home from giving these
      precious people food, clothing, literature and love, I was thinking along the exact same
      lines. Here's the best idea I can find in regards to "Comprehensive urban enangelism",
      in: 'Review & Herald', July 5, 1906 par. 24. In another place Mrs. White
      essentially says that was a good start.(7T pg. 11.1) lol. Praise God it's a shared vision!
      :) Oh, for more that would share it...
      Thanks for sharing your fire, Jaimie! :)