Thursday, December 27, 2012


It’s a lost virtue.

It doesn't matter who you are, in this society, you  will be faced with a choice: Purity, or not.

Each of us knows where our weakness lies. And yes, it will be a struggle. In fact, if you are not struggling against it daily, I would caution you that you are in danger.

Christ, the Holiest, purest One who ever walked this planet, struggled with it.

In this age, there are many avenues of impurity. Not all are obvious. Many struggle with impure relationships or habits. If this is your case, please ask the Lord to help you surrender it. But there’s more…

Some struggle with purity of diet. Others struggle with purity of dress. Still others have issues with purity of music. And media. And thought. And the list goes on…

Brothers and sisters… what can I say? Our Lord has called us higher! He never meant for these issues to plague His peculiar people. Why, why, should we ever be satisfied with crumbs, when we could have had the whole loaf?

Why are we willing to writhe in the mire of sin, when He’s made a way out?

It may feel odd to not dress in the latest (revolting) fashion. Or listen to the newest hit. Or eat the food that we know is preventing our minds from grasping deep truths. Or engage in that relationship that can only bring ruin.

But just as pure water never comes from a poisonous spring, neither do good things come from an impure heart…

It may feel hopeless. You may say that you can’t do it. And you couldn't be more right. He never said you could. He only asks for your heart, that He may give it back to you, fashioned just like His.

You will never, ever, lose anything in this transaction. Ever.

Except sin and wretchedness…

Now, the choice is yours.

Pure, or not.

By His grace, I choose the former. And I’d love to see you, each of you, beside me in this resolve.

Will you join me?