Monday, December 31, 2012

Revolutions flame...

You had to be there. The revolution couldn't have come at a better time...

Words are incapable of conveying the experience. But imagine this:

Godly, devoted, powerful speakers.

Altar calls, with thousands responding.

Heavenly, godly music.

Friends, on fire to share Him.

Outreach to the cities nearby. No, this isn't your normal door-to-door effort. Try this: thousands of young people, knocking on thousands of doors. All in an hour or so...

Praying with people in their homes.

Singing, praying and sharing in the bus, non-SDA driver and all.

Rock-solid commitments from hundreds:

I will go. Send me.

Yes, GYC was amazing. But it doesn't stop here. This, my friends, is only the beginning...

While at GYC, the Lord showed me my heart...


It isn't pretty.

But, as we heard there, God created everything, and He can create me a new heart, too.

My convictions crystallized. As did the calling I feel from God, in the work He has for me, which seems to be in the cities. I spent time with godly friends, new and old, and we encouraged each other. I made a resolve that I need to get some training as soon as I can, in canvassing and medical missionary work.

GYC was phenomenal. But most importantly, I saw Christ. 

Oh, how beautiful...

I was blessed beyond measure. I only keep reminding myself of one thing:

The revolution continues...

Let it. 

It will continue, with, or without us. Let it continue in your heart. You will never, ever, regret it.


The music was heavenly...


Sometimes there would would be hundreds of us on the escalators. It was amazing!

More amazing singing...

The speakers were so inspiring...

Poor guy. I can relate. 


Look at that through Christ's eyes. There's souls there...


  1. GYC is doing a miraculous work in the lives of thousands of people! Even though I wasn't there, I am convinced that I need to work in the Lord's vineyard in some capacity! I am praying that there will be other people like me, that are willing to go out into the neighborhoods and doing something similar to what GYC did. Even though I am not experienced in doing that, and I am little scared of knocking on doors, with God's help, we can effect a change in the community!

    1. Amen brother!!! May we all have the same resolve, to live for Christ with ALL our hearts! I'll be praying for your efforts! :D