Friday, April 26, 2013

Village of hope.

This is a story, that is taking place as we speak. And how we respond to hearing this story, may change the outcome of it!

There is a little village in Burma, deep in Karen state, where a friend of mine grew up. For the safety of all of those involved, we’ll not mention any names.

My friend is a Karen, one of a small, yet tenacious tribe who lives in the eastern part of Burma, or Myanmar. His village is like many Karen villages here where the famous Erick B. Hare lived and worked. In fact, Erick B. Hare’s village is only a half hour’s ride on a motorbike from here!

About 400-500 people call this village home. These poor people are in desperate bondage to tyrannical military powers, who make them work like slaves, to build roads, pagoda’s, or whatever else they think of. Even worse, these penniless people are made to foot most of the bill. Only a few of them can read. Only one can speak English.

Here in this village, the monks and evil spirits are reigning. People are very superstitious, and are constantly seeking to appease the monks and spirits. They have very little, but much of their little gets taken by greedy hands.

About 40-60 children also call this village home. They are school age, and need an education very badly. You think they get picked up by the school bus every morning? Not really. They have to walk two miles or more to get to school, and, once there hardly receive proper education. They don’t have the needed supplies, and the “education” they receive is really just a big game. The teachers do not show them love or personal attention. They are not learning the things that will be vital to them, if they are going to survive in such a harsh environment.

Christianity is not officially welcome here. About 15 Adventist’s used to call this village home, but now have left for various places, to get an education, or  seek a better life. There are only two ways, it seems, to bring the gospel to these people. One, is medical work.

The other is education.

The parents want their children to get a good education. It’s hard on the kids to walk the two miles in the rainy season, when it seems the whole world around them is one watery nightmare.

The current school they attend refuses to teach them their language in the form that they would have to learn it to read God’s word, but instead is teaching them an inferior version of the language. If they don’t learn a different form of their language, they’ll not be able to read for themselves God’s promises and instruction for their lives.

But it’s not all hopeless.

My friend is an Adventist. Even though he has many responsibilities, and cannot remain in his village, he is a visionary, and has a dream for his people. He dreams of having a small school in his village, where true education could be taught. Where the students could learn education that would fit them for real, everyday life, but most importantly, where they could learn about God. God is the only one who can free them from the bondage they are in. My friend wants desperately to share the truth with his people, many of whom are his family.

And we can help him turn this dream into reality.

You see, there are two people, who are willing to teach these children. They are willing to live on a pittance, but don’t even have a way to get that. How much would it cost to pay these two people to teach there, so they can buy necessities?

About $125 a month. For both teachers. I can spend that here in America for a pair of boots.

The leader f the area villages has been contacted, and very miraculously consented to have the school there. The village is ready and waiting, and thirsting for the truth that could be brought to them through this avenue. My friend hopes to also have a clinic here someday, and make this a model for many villages throughout his home country. But he needs your help and mine to do it!

I, for one, want to help. I am willing to help in any way I can. Will you join me in giving these people, locked in the jaws of dictatorship, a chance to hear the gospel?

Please pray for this project. And if you can do more than pray, please click on this link:

Please be sure to mark anything you give there so they know it goes for the school project in Burma.

Thank you so much for anything you can do. I’ve never been to this village, never met these people. It’s too dangerous. You will likely never meet them on this earth either. But what a reward to meet them in Heaven, amen?

Below are some pictures from this village, I have disguised faces to keep the location secure.

Yes, that's what you think it is. Severe burns. He was playing with a candle, and wearing a nylon shirt. And he's had no treatment. It's too remote where he lives... All he's had is some antibiotic ointment. 

How would you like it if that was your well? This is where villagers get their water, and take their baths. And it's unreliable. They need about $1,500 to get proper water to their village. 

Yes, that's about 10 gallons of water. And he has to carry that for about 15-20 minutes before he's home. That's the water from the above well. 

They think this guy has TB. He probably won't make it. No medical help for him. 

That's the old well/swimming hole. They can't even swim in it any more. It's just too bad. 

Oh, but they are a hard working people. Unbelievable. 

You'd almost think it was paradise. Until you got a closer look. 

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