Saturday, May 11, 2013

Give. All.

Piercing shrieks erupted from a couple pews in front of me, and to my left. What on earth is going on? I wondered. This was right in the middle of the church service… why was this little guy screaming like this?

And then I saw it. The offering plate was being passed around, and he had a fistful of bills. His dad was trying to help him deposit this offering into the plate, but to him, it seemed too great a sacrifice. He couldn't bear the thought of giving them up. Not now, at least.

Sure, he quit screaming, and the bills went into the plate. But I couldn't forget the lesson he unwittingly taught me…

“…What do we give, when we give all? A sin-polluted soul to Jesus, to purify, to cleanse by his blood, and save from death by his matchless love. And yet I saw that some thought it hard to give up all. I am ashamed to hear it spoken of, ashamed to write it…”   --2SG 259.3


“Jesus demands all. When we are brought to yield to his claims, and give up all then, and not till then, will he throw around us his arms of mercy.”   --2SG 259.3


Why, oh why, is it so hard to give all…?

Maybe. Just maybe…

If we pondered Christ more. How HE gave all.

Maybe it wouldn't be so hard?

I think I’ll try that.

Wanna join me?

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  1. Oh, yes I do! That was just what I needed to hear. Praise the Lord!