Monday, June 24, 2013

Give me the Bible.


Give me the Bible.

Please don't give me your opinion.

Nor what others think.

I don't even want to know a “thus saith my heart”

I want a “Thus saith the LORD

It's all too easy sometimes to become complacent with God's word, and share our opinions. But when the rubber meets the road, when talking about things that have eternal value, our opinions really aren't worth the air that it takes to share them.

I'm reminded forcefully after a few interesting experiences lately, that God's word always trumps anyone else's.

So, I'll end with that.

What saith the scriptures?”


  1. Right on, Brother! With God, there's no such thing as being 'politically correct' We have need to see what the Word instead of just what man says!

    1. Amen! Politics have no place in Christianity! :D Just give us the Word! Thanks for the encouragement brother!