Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Fulness Thereof.

This world is full. Full of pain.

I hear of it from my friends.

I hear it on the news.

In fact, I don't know that there's many places I turn, where I don't see it's traces.

But, as I ponder this, my heart heavy with the woe of humanity, my mind turns one verse over in it's recesses.

“The earth is the LORD'S, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.”
Psalms 24:1

Hmm. Even the fulness of pain?

Yep. Even that fulness.

Now I start to understand why Jesus spent nights healing people when He needed sleep. His lack of care for His own needs, starts to make sense. You see, He had bought back this earth. We'd tried to sell it to the devil, and cheap at that. But He bought it back. And it wasn't cheap this time.

And He not only bought it back, He made Himself responsible for the happiness of the inhabitants.

Wow. We give Him our fulness. (emptiness?) He gives us His fulness. (oh, wow...)

Oh Lord, make me like Jesus.  

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