Thursday, October 10, 2013

Maybe I'll just do it.

There He was, with His Father. A desperate problem had arisen, and one which would result in death for someone, or a lot of someone's.

There were only two options...

Let them die, or die Himself.

And so came into the being the first Missionary in the universe. And the best one possible, at that.
This Missionary didn't just throw fifty cents in the plate as it went by. (It wouldn't have helped).

No, there was no small gift that would do it this time. But He could not be content in Heaven, knowing that the beings He had created would be in such abject misery & slavery. No, heaven was not enough attraction to Him to keep Him there.

So He came. And gave. In fact, in His last crowning sacrificial gift, He had no proof He'd ever make it out of this “mission field” alive. Ever.

He'd given all. Given up His home, His honor, His power, even the culture He was used to.

And had no guarantee that anyone would ever accept Him.


As I consider my life, and my future. And my past.

I have not been that. I have not given all, really. In fact, I've rarely ever given 'til it hurt. I've let Him down constantly. In my own life, and in my efforts in behalf of others lives.

Again, I ponder & wonder.

He was so willing to give all. Even if just for me. His pain & sacrifice knew no ends.

Maybe the least I could do is the same?

Maybe I could at least ask Him to empower me to make the same sacrifices, that His sacrifice might not be in vain for myself & others?

And maybe, it really isn't that bad to give up my home, and my status, and everything I've known (maybe even my English language?) and go where the people are in abject misery & slavery? Maybe what we think of as our earthly heaven shouldn't be enough of an attraction to keep me there?

I think so. I'm going to keep pondering. But maybe, instead of just pondering... maybe I'll just do it.

By His Grace.

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  1. Interesting that you talked about Jesus, the greatest missionary that ever lived. I've been thinking and talking about that lately with my Mum, in conjunction with one of the objections from the book: "Do Not Say" (I can't remember what the objection was about).

    Jesus left his family, friends, and wealthy home in heaven to come and live in a poor, foreign country. He gave up everything to bring us the good news, a mission that cost much pain and even death (yet he lives again!). Why can't we allow Him to help us do the same?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Schane. Oh, to see the world through Jesus' loving eyes.