Monday, September 30, 2013

Don't. Look. Down.

Sometimes I get the craziest thoughts at the craziest times...

I was up in a tree, some 50' or so. Methodically removing un-needed branches, one by one.

Now, you have to understand, I don't like heights very much, unless I'm on very solid ground. Then it's not too bad. But you see, this tree isn't like the giant Oak in your Grandmother's yard, with branches as big around as a man's waist. These branches were mostly rotten, and many were scarcely a quarter the size of my wrist.

 Not exactly solid ground.

But while I was up there, I had this thought. (Maybe it was the high altitude, maybe something else?)

Don't look down.

You see, no one was ever helped in a situation like that, by looking down.

And, my thoughts went on.

I don't think anyone, anywhere, in any situation, was ever helped by looking down.

"Look up, you who are tried, tempted, and discouraged, look up.... It is ever safe to look up; it is fatal to look down. If you look down, the earth reels and sways beneath you; nothing is sure. But heaven above you is calm and steady, and there is divine aid for every climber. The hand of the Infinite is reaching over the battlements of heaven to grasp yours in its strong embrace. The mighty Helper is nigh to bless, lift up, and encourage the most erring, the most sinful, if they will look to Him by faith. But the sinner must look up."
--Our Father Cares, pg. 91.

"Sadness and talking of disagreeable things is encouraging the disagreeable scenes, bringing back upon oneself the disagreeable effect. God wants us to forget all these--not look down but up, up!"
--Lt 1, 1883.

What can I say?

Don't. Look. Down.

Look up.

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