Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A glimpse - just a glimpse - of God's love.

This section from the book 'Early Writings' impacted me strongly this week. Please read it. 

"I have seen the tender love that God has for His people, and it is very great.

 I saw angels over the saints with their wings spread about them. Each saint had an attending angel. If the saints wept through discouragement, or were in danger, the angels that ever attended them would fly quickly upward to carry the tidings, and the angels in the city would cease to sing. 

Then Jesus would commission another angel to descend to encourage, watch over, and try to keep them from going out of the narrow path; but if they did not take heed to the watchful care of these angels, and would not be comforted by them, but continued to go astray, the angels would look sad and weep. 

They would bear the tidings upward, and all the angels in the city would weep, and then with a loud voice say, "Amen." 

But if the saints fixed their eyes upon the prize before them and glorified God by praising Him, then the angels would bear the glad tidings to the city, and the angels in the city would touch their golden harps and sing with a loud voice, "Alleluia!" and the heavenly arches would ring with their lovely songs."

'Early Writings', pg. 39. 

Now, is that from a God of love, or not? 


  1. One of my most loved quotes... How I want to be the cause of Heaven's song!

  2. Better still, "SING" with them cutie!!!

  3. What love! We don't realize that are both evil and good angels, one kind encouraging us to do the right, and the othere tempting us to do wrong. We are in a huge cosmic battle. The battle of who has our mind! Thanks for sharing this, Schane!