Friday, November 1, 2013

Lord... Send. ME.

It was the first church I ever stepped into.

It's long red shag carpet contrasting against it's solid wood arches, some 40' overhead.

I can still see it's pews, full to the brim with smiling, joyful people.

That was 20 years ago...

Now, my Grandmother is one of 10 remaining members. A church that can seat something to the tune of 300, now has an attendance that could only fill a pew with lot's of elbow room...


This sounds like the dark ages.

I walked through it's beautiful entrance. The nicest, most state of the art health center owned by my church that I have seen. It was beautiful.

One lady runs it. And I think there was a cook. Her husband helps when he can, as well.

There's maybe room for 50 patients. Only enough help to take on 3. People all over Asia are waiting to go there, but have to wait. There's just not enough help.


Is this really the dark ages?

Time would fail me to tell of media studios with no help, schools with no teachers, hospitals with no Doctors & Nurses, churches without Pastors...

Oh why is this so? I know it is so. I've seen it with my own eyes.

“While the souls of men are dying, and the Master calls for you – let none hear you idly saying, 'there is nothing I can do.”

The need exists. I know it does. I've seen it here, I've seen it in lands afar.

“Gladly take the task He gives you, let His love your treasure be. Answer quickly when He calleth, 'Here am I, O Lord send me.”

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