Saturday, November 16, 2013

Giving all.

I can't get this out of my mind. Like some sort of living, breathing marquee, the scenes scroll through my memory without end.

Little brown faces. Their countenance betrays the hollowness of their lives.

Cities. Big cities. No church steeples here, only temples to gods that don't exist aside from imagination, yet the Enemy of souls takes fiendish advantage of their ignorance.

I still hear their voices, speaking a language I only understand a dozen words of. They live, for what purpose, they know not.

I was there.

And yet, here I sit, on my comfortable bed, typing on my late-model laptop, looking at all sorts of material possessions. I look over at my nightstand. Loaded with books. On top are my Bible & a 'Desire of ages'. They don't have either one, for the most part.

I hear of other ones. These ones have darker skin. No one wants to visit their country – it's too desolate. Kinda like the ends of the earth, you might say. They can't even get medicine to their hospital. Let alone enough qualified help.

And here I sit. On my comfortable bed.

Somehow, it doesn't feel comfortable, anymore.

I crave those hard, ironwood floors I slept on there.

I have this insatiable desire for the deeper spirituality that comes from kneeling in a church with no pews, fellowshipping with like believers, many of whom don't speak my language.

Yes, I can sit here in my velvet lined pew, singing 'Jesus loves me'. But I can never rest content when there's billions of others who don't know the song or it's meaning yet.

I wonder if I've lost my grip on reality. But I simply can't help myself. Like some strange disease, once you get the bug for working to help others, you can't shake it. And I wouldn't want to, anyway.

By God's grace, I'll go, soon. I don't know where, but He's taking me somewhere. Somewhere where they need Him.

But for now, I write. And I will continue writing, sharing, filming, photographing, you name it.


One reason. I would do it all, if even one person would catch the bug from it. One more person to add to the ranks of missionaries. For that, I would use all my spare time sharing.

Because you never really can experience Christ till you give all.

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