Sunday, December 15, 2013

What about Jesus?

Imagine this.

I wake up in the morning. Sometimes in the wee hours, when the sun hasn't yet shown it's face, sometimes at much later hours. Of course my mind goes out to my Heavenly Father each morning, but I have a lot to do, you know.

I try to get in more than a devotional page worth, and spend some time in prayer, but... well, duty calls. I have customers, responsibilities, and more.

I make calls to several people. You have to build relationships with the people you do business with, you know. It takes time, to build long term relationships with customers.

I hop on the internet. I have business to do on there, as well. Questions to answer for potential buyers, and more. This takes time, as well. It's only what I'd expect, to successfully accomplish anything in life. Anything that's worth doing takes time...


What about Jesus?

Worth doing? What about that quick prayer & devotional page? Is that all He gets?

Let's fast forward this somewhat imaginary lifestyle to 50 years down the road.

I'm in my 70's. Life has been busy, but successful. Or has it?

I've served my customers. I've made money.

But what now?

I'm going to die soon. What then?

Did I somehow forget the most important relationship?

While I left Jesus at my bedside, hungering for more time with me...

I was making my way in life.

But enough of this. Let's imagine something else.

What if I jumped up at those early hours. And dug deep in God's word. Spent solitary time agonizing in prayer.

Went right to work, building relationships for the Kingdom. Gave my life in service.

50 years later...

I may not have many possessions. Money may not be mine.

But quite a different sort of success may be.

Instead of fuel for the fires of the end, souls for the Kingdom. Instead of a grave awaiting me, a crown of life.

I could sit and look at the end of this life, not in terror and regret. Rather, in hopeful joy, awaiting the appearing of the most important One in my life.

The best thing about it, is that I have a choice today. I get to choose.

And so do you.

What will it be?

What about Jesus?

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  1. I so often struggle with this! We so often let the things of this world drown out the MOST important thing,which is a relationship with our Heavenly Father!