Sunday, December 1, 2013

It's time.

It's one of those moments when I have tons to say, but am more or less speechless.

The contradiction of my feelings is both insane, and very real.

You see, I never cease to be in shock, regardless of the amount of times I'm exposed the the reality of humanity degraded to almost lower than animalistic levels.

Is it OK to be indignant about this?

How can I look upon scenes such as I have viewed, though only through the eye of someone's lens, and not be distressed to the point of tears?

And I realize, having been near the scenes I witnessed, that it is likely far worse than pictured.

When people live in their own muck, and children run around uncovered.

When the nine-to-five means digging in the putrid waste piles created by someone else's discards, only to make less than $1 a day.

When building a home for your family consists of pitching a decrepit old tent on top of the city dump.

When children run around with bellies sticking out so far they can't see their feet... no, not because of fat, rather, lack of it.

My dear friends, how can I stand idly, saying, 'there is nothing I can do?'

I stand before God, rebuked. Rebuked at my fulness of bread. How dare I store up “bread” for years to come, when there are those who'd be happy for my “crumbs?”

Rebuked. My selfish ambition. My heart says. “Make more money. Save more. You may need it some day...”

God says spend it. There's people who need it, today.

Can you resonate with this? It's a confusing world we're living in. But somehow, amidst the fog, I think God's finally getting one point through to me.

Every minute I wait to get involved, is another minute Satan is working to tie me down. In that minute, souls perish.

And to think that I'd have the audacity to believe that my soul would be of more value than theirs?

Yes, I think I've had that audacity. It's a record I wish didn't exist.

But though the record stands, there's no time like the present to change that.

Please, watch this video. Allow your mind to carry you there. Let yourself smell the filth. See the smiles of the kid with HIV. Hear the sobs of a mother whose child just died from starvation.

And then, join me in asking God what He'd have us do.

Maybe it's time.

Maybe it's time to do something?

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