Sunday, April 20, 2014

Of bugs and shining lights.

It was the only thing they could see, glowing with a brightness that was irresistibly drawing them…

To what?


Upon walking out of the building where I work/study/worship, I was simply enjoying the beauty of the night with a few friends, until someone pointed them out. Dead bugs, all over the sidewalk.

This was crazy. There must have been at least fifty dead or dying beetles. And they were increasing by the minute.

Lured on by the brightness of the light in the parking lot, they had to see how close they could get to that amazing thing. Just a little closer…

They only did it once.

And I can’t help but think of another similar phenomenon I have witnessed. Not with beetles. Rather, humanity.

I see them racing towards this brilliantly shining, magnetically attractive thing called worldliness. It’s as though they can’t help themselves.

They notice not their fellows who have gone there, and tragically died. It’s as though it’s a race to see who can get the closest, most quickly.

And most of them fall dying to the earth. They found it to be worthless, too late.

I don’t want that for me. It could easily happen to me. Has come close many times. But God has something better than dying on the sidewalk after a short encounter with the glitter of the world. He’s got an eternity of true bliss, in the brightness of His presence.

Let’s join Him there?

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