Friday, September 5, 2014

Purpose. (Because aimlessness is aimless)

Yes, I really think so. 

Take a look around you at today's world. 

What do you see? 

I tell you what I see, and much too often, far too often in my own life. 

Lack of purpose. 

Oh yes there is busyness. Plenty. 

But with what? 

I see often, only frivolous fringe issues, like banging every single square inch of the board, almost intentionally missing the nail. 

What is the product of this? 

Worse than nothing. Not only have we missed the point, but we've caused bruises in the process. 

To men and women were given God-ordained responsibilities, that make Heaven wince when we shirk them. Too often, we ignore the very work God has given us, as though life were all about us and our comfort, to avoid the perceived discomfort it may cause to address what God has asked us to address. 

When I live in a world where children die in the street from hunger, and watch the garbage truck roll down my highway full of discarded food. 

When I see my church falling into a Laodicean spirit un-rebuked, as though it were some sort of virtue. 

When I treat my devotional life, maybe unwittingly, but yet quite literally, as though it were some sort of duty I must complete on my checklist, and often the duty may go without being well done at that. 

My friend, this is what I call lack of purpose. 

Honesty demands I admit I have had my share of this. And maybe extra. 

I dream of a day soon, when we will, first, be broken before God. (because all else is worthless without this). And rise to the occasion, thanking Him that He has given us a work of eternal value, and celestial honor. And do it. 

Rather than self-seeking, ignoring the need, or even delaying our response by days, months or years, which we do not own. What worth does this aim have? 

I want purpose in my life. Badly. This, I cannot possess alone, but I aim to have it through Christ. 

Because aimlessness is aimless. 

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  1. This post, this whole blog is so so inspiring. You have an amazing heart and we need more people like you in the world.

    The Life of Little Me