Monday, October 27, 2014

To stand or waver. Choose.

Wow, was that ever a different sort of dream. I'm still reeling from it...

I found myself wandering through a group of people I knew. My friends. Sad, they seemed, and I couldn't see why. 

A little later, I understood. A friend had stood for their faith, and was the first in our group to seal it with their blood. 

It was so real... the confusion, the horror...

I woke, deep in thought. I'm glad my friend is still very much alive, as far as I know. 

But, a thought provoking lesson remains burning in my mind. One I likely won't, and hopefully won't, forget. 

The lesson?

How is it with my soul? how would the story run, if today was my day to seal my faith with my blood?

Would I be faithful? Would I tremble, and fall, helpless and failing in the face of eternity?

What sort of example would I set? Would I encourage those whose faith might be wavering? Would my Master approve of me?

More sobering thought. Martyr or not, today might be the last day for you or I.  Our probation will not last forever, whether it be through death or the books of Heaven. 

What will we do? How will we live?

Where are our priorities, and are we living in a way to lift up the feeble knees and weary hands of our fellow Christians?

Soon, it will be over, and end in eternal bliss. Now is our time to fight. 

Let's not waver. 

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